Why MyImprint.in?

In a fast-growing multifaceted business life cycle era, you would definitely miss overseeing a certain aspect of your business and that would bother your best running business cycle. The key objective of MyImprint.in is to make the sales management process to the most simplified and effective way. Especially in terms of managing your Sales workforce – The key bone to your new business and Support Force which ensures your existing businesses. In the most competitive world, we need to update ourselves to ensure sustainable and swift businesses. MyImprint.in helps Manager /CEO to meticulously oversee entire sales and support activity of your Team sitting anywhere in the globe.


What MyImprint.in Do?

When sales process is been upgrading why not the sales management process?

MyImprint.in replacing all your conventional sales monitoring and managing process to technically revived sales monitoring and
mentoring process to ensure a seamless workflow and to enhance 100% productivity of your organization.

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MyImprint.in process flow

Field employees start his day by logging in through MyImprint.in App and fill his DVR form in each customer location where all the customer’s Address are Geo pinned with the respective location.


In manager login he could oversee -> check in time of his entire team -> Live location of the team -> Route map along with Kms traveled by employees/team so far, Metting summaries of Employees/team. The manager could also Assign task to Employees based on customer name / Customer geo-location and can have track report on actions made on a particular task. All alerts related to the follow-ups are reminded before a day so no unfinished business is let over.

From the MyImprint.in the app, an employee can request for leave and it can be approved/rejected by the manager in a single tap. All employees Expenses are derived based on the distance traveled per day and be cumulatively extracted on a month/week basis.



We MyImprint.in help to manage your sales/Support activity by our comprehensive Sales management software

Our solutions include



Start and End your day in just single click

Mark attendance directly from the field
Live updation for the manager on Emp check-in time
Requisition and approval of leave
Export attendance reports


Client vault

Manage your clients and save them on your personal vault

Manage your client details with live Geo pin location
Data are safely packed in cloud
Client visit history
View Clients lead stage/sales stage


My Visit reports

Effort quantifies your day

Form Features include
– Live location mapping, Photos capturing and Digital signature of customers
100% customization of business form
Manage scheduled and completed meetings of the team
Time spent on particular lead


Live track

Track your Team in just a Tap

– Live updation on
Employee travel and location
Route maps along with Kms traveled
Employees meeting summary
Battery percentage, Last sync, Network strength etc..


My tasks

Unfinished task are generally Unfinished business

Assign task to your team in the single tap
Have a track record on a task assigned
Alerts on future Follow-ups
Assign task based on customer name and location (Geo-mapping)


Funnel management

Strong Funnel is evident of reliable work

Pictorial representation of
– lead stage
– sales stage
– Product category wise
Analyze and enhances future sales forecast
Manage Executive/Team wise funnel


My Expenses

Unambiguous cashfull ensures seamless work of employees

Pay only for the money spent not anything more
Submit expenses through mobile
View Approval and rejection status
Streamlining the entire expenses process

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  • Only tracking
  • suits for single team
  • Geo Tagged attendance
  • Punch in time
  • Live tracking on mobile
  • Only android app


  • Tracking + Sales CRM
  • Starter +
  • fits for multiple teams
  • Extracting attendance reports
  • Requistion and approval of leaves
  • Extracting leave reports
  • Holiday planner
  • Live tracking of single member
  • Travel report of single day
  • Live tracking on mobile/Web app
  • Geo tagged client addition
  • client visit logs
  • Export Client details
  • Custom Forms for visit
  • Visit reports in web/mobile app
  • Get geo-verified proof of client visit
  • client visit logs
  • Export Client details
  • Custom Forms for visit
  • Visit reports in web/mobile app
  • Get geo-verified proof of client visit
  • calendar reminders on follow ups
  • Team follow up’s on calendar
  • Intuitive dashboards and reports 
  • Reminders


  • Tracking + sales CRM + Booster
  • Starter + Defender +
  • Historical travel report
  • Route distance calculator
  • Battery percentage,last sync
  • Monitoring work delay
  • Live tracking of entire team
  • Historical visit report
  • Log reports
  • Funnel management
  • customised funnel sheet
  • Perfomance Evaluation
  • Pictorical funnel representation
  • sales funnel -Indivudal/Team
  • funnel report extraction
  • 100% customisation on existing features
  • push notifications
  • Team management
  • API integration
  • low battery consumption
  • Suits for inside sales team
  • Travelled Route map
  • 10 mins sync
  • 24* 7 Customer support
  • Geo verified tasks/meetings, photos and forms
  • Real time task assignment and monitoring


For team of 50+ users
Tailor Made Customised Product

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  • Track your team in just a tap
  • Live updation on Employee travel and location
  • Manage your client details
  • Alerts on future Follow-ups

A one-stop solution for all sales monitoring process!!!

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